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Demolishing two houses for Masa’ed family in Khirbet Yarza – The Jordan valley / Tubas


Violation: Demolishing two residences.

Location: Khirbet Yarza / Tubas governorate.

Date: Sept 29th 2020.

Perpetrators: The Israeli Occupation Civil Administration.

Victims: Two families from Masa’ed clan.


In the early morning hours of Tuesday, Sept 29th 2020, massive army forces, accompanied by the inspection officer in the Israeli Civil Administration raided Khirbet Yarza in the northern Jordan Valley , and carried on demolishing two residences built of stones and zinc sheets , on the pretext of violating an archeological site and the lack of a license , the owners previously received removal notices n issued in reference to military order (1797) . Reportedly, the targeted residences belong to citizens Rami and Hafith Masa’ed from Khirbet Yarza..

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The following table shows more information about the targeted facilities:

Affected citizen

Family members

Children under 18

Notice number

The targeted facility


Rami Masa’ed




House built of stones , baton , and a zinc ceiling with a total area of 80 m2

Received a notice previously on the pretext of assaulting antiquities

Hafiz Masa’ed




House built of stones and a zinc ceiling with a total area of 60 m2



The Occupation Forces accompanied by the inspection officer raided Khirbet Yarza in the Jordan Valley Monday morning Sept 21 , and gave citizens Rami and Hafiz  Masa’ed “ Removal within 96 hours” notices , issued in reference to Military Order 1797 , under which the occupation destroys newly constructed buildings in C area.

This was preceded by a notice served to Rami Masa’ed in Sept 9th 2020 , with removal on the pretext of violating an archeology site.

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Khirbet Yarza is frequently targeted by the Occupation, during the last five years several houses were demolished and a high number received demolition notices , even the dirt road that links Khirbet Yarza to Tubas city was ravaged several times , the occupation is also imposing a harsh reality on residents of the Khirbet through turning the communities’ ground into military training area.

About Khirbet Yarza:[1]

5 Km east Tubas city, Khirbet Yarza is bordered by Al-Malih and Al-Aqaba (north), Tubas city (west) , Al-Malih (east) and Tubas city (south).

According to PCBS census, there are (31) people living in Yarza.

Yarza has a total population of 6,154 dunums, of which 12.7 dunums are a built up area. Khirbet Yarza is in C area according to Oslo conventions.