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The occupation troops demolish a home in Burqa / Nablus


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Violation: Demolishing an under construction home.

Location: Burqa – Nablus governorate.

Date: 7/3/2019.

Perpetrator : The Israeli occupation army.

Victims: Masheer Saif.


 A massive army force supported by bulldozers raided Al-Masoudiya, and carried on demolishing an under construction house that belongs to Mashir Saif (55) , the house was supposed to be a home for a family of 6.

Reportedly the targeted house is about 150 m2, and consists of 2 floors, and both of them are under construction.

Mashir pointed out that he received a stop- work military order in 6/10/2017 , and applied for licenses with the help of the Jerusalem legal aid and  human rights center.

And in 7/3/2019 , I was surprised of the Israeli bulldozers, that started to demolish the house without a preceding notice.

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About Burqa[1]:

12 km north Nablus city, Burqa is surrounded by the Israeli illegal colony  “Homesh” (north), Ramin and Al-Masa’adeyeh villages (west) , Beit Amrin (east) and Sabastiya (south).

Burqa has a population of (4152) people in 2017.

Burqa has a total space of 18174 dunums, 506 of them are the town’s built-up area.

The Israeli occupation confiscated (1047) dunums from Burqa’s lands to establish “Homesh” settlement in 1980, the Israeli government claim that “Homesh” is evicted but that is not the truth,the settlement is inhabited by radical settlers who implemented several attacks against villagers of Burqa.

Oslo conventions divided Burqa into:

  • A area: (4796) dunums.
  • B area: (5131) dunums.
  • C area : (8247) dunums.


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