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Demolition of Residential and Agricultural structures in Ad-Duyuk Al-Fouqa / Jericho governorate


Violation: Demolition of Residential and agricultural structures.

Location: Ad-Duyuk Al-Fouqa / West Jericho city.

Date: September 9th 2022.

Perpetrators: The building inspector at the Israeli Civil Administration.

Victims: Two families form Ar-Rashayda and Ka’abneh.


In September 19th 2022 , the building inspector accompanied by the occupation forces raided Ad-Duyuk At-Tihta area west Jericho, the occupation forces encircled a cluster of shacks and simple structures before carrying out the demolition. The forces also demolished a siege that surrounds them and that belongs to two Bedouin families , the occupation claims that the demolition came after the facilities were built without a license.

The following table shows more information about the targeted facilities:

Affected citizen

Family members

The targeted facilities





‘Imad Ar-Rashayda




-Shack built of Zinc with a total area of 72 m2 , and used as a residence.

-Sheep Shack built of Zinc 12 m2.

-outdoor bathroom.

-Plastic Reservoir 1 m3.

Sabotaging a segment of a siege 12 m2.

-tent used as a chicken coop 6 m2.


Ameen Al-Ka’abneh




A shack built of zinc 18 m2






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The two families live at the area only during winter, in summer they move to An-Nuwe’ima area, and during winter they are back to Ad-Duyuk Al-Fouqa.

Noteworthy, The Israeli Building inspector demolished ‘Imad’s structures previously in July 3rd 2022 , following military order no (40500) which orders a halt of work on the pretext of building without a license. Noteworthy, the affected citizen does not have completed legal papers for the land which makes him and his family an easy target to the Israeli Occupation.

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Affected citizen ‘Imad Rashayda told LRC the following:

“I have been living in Ad-Duyuk At-Tehta for more than 15 years and I depend on Cattle breeding as a main source of income , I was shocked when I saw the notice hanged on one of the structures last July , and that is when I started preparing a legal file , and I went to several bodies seeking for help but in vain , and despite the occupation demolished our structures but we will hold on to our land no matter what happens.”

Ad-Duyuk Al-Fouqa is a hot target for Israeli Violations. Part of that is because Only 500 m away from the demolition site , Illegal colonists built the illegal colony Mevo’ut Yeriho which is continuously growing on Palestinian’s land, while the people of the land  are deprived from their right to live in dignity on their own land.