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Establishing an Outpost in ‘Ein Hilweh area / Tubas governorate


Violation: Expanding an outpost.

Location: ‘Ein Al-Hilweh area / east Tubas Governorate.

Date: September 8th 2022.

Perpetrators: A group of colonists.

Victims: Rural and Bedouin communities in ‘Ain Al-Hilweh.


New Outpost established above ‘Ein Al-Hilweh spring at the beginning of this year which imposed massive threat on Palestinians living at the area, at the same time, Israeli colonists are trying to impose their control over more Palestinian lands.

Thursday Sept 8th 2022 , colonists carried on expanding the illegal outpost through setting up caravans and shacks on a one-dunum plot, noting that the targeted land is used as postures for Palestinian herders at the area.

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Mr.Mahdi Daraghma form ‘Ein Al-Hilweh told LRC the following:

“This is only the first phase in the expansion of this illegal outpost , which if the situations hadn’t change will become a settlement in the near future , meaning that the Bedouin paletsinian communities (Al-Faw , ‘Ein Al-Hilweh, Umm Al-Jammal) will face gradual forced eviction, through prohibiting the use of ‘Ein Al-Hilweh spring posturing.

Mr.Qadri Az-Zamel (45) from Umm Aj-Jamal says that the outpost is imposing a real threat:

“Few years ago the occupation forces started threatening people In ‘Ain Al-Hilweh spring , but the people have no alternative and they always get back to the spring as the only source of water at the area. However, after the establishment of the random outpost at the beginning of this year, locals started to feel threatened, and started looking for any other source of water that Israeli colonists haven’t find already.”

‘Ein Hilweh is one of the communities targeted by the heavily Israeli occupation, the so called road Alon separates the site , and imposes additional restrictions on the people.

 During the past years , the Israeli occupation carried on a massive demolition operation at the area, noting that most structures at the location received demolition threats.