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Terrorism of Israeli Colonization Under the Silence of the International Community


“Shoot down any Palestinian stone-thrower even if he was on the run”, these are the new Israeli army leaders orders to give the troops the green light to commit more field executions against Palestinians. Furthermore, Palestinians have to face Israeli Illegal colonists who steal the land and loot the crop, and attack them even during their sleep.

 Most recent attack carried out in Qaryout nearly killed the house owner, who is now staying in Intensive care after Israeli colonists violently stormed his house. Shockingly, this tragic incident did not alarm the Human Rights office, international court, politicians, parliamentarians around the world, or even in the neighboring Arab Countries.

  On the Other hand, if a young Palestinian threw a stone on an Israeli car and a colonist was injured, the whole world rushes to condemn, and the incident will be all over the news in the “Free World” that claims to be Humanitarian.

  • Since 2012, more than 20,000 colonists who are illegally living in the Palestinian territories, carry out systematic attacks against Palestinians to Terrorize them out of their lands, a fact that is completely ignored by journalists and politicians of the world. Meanwhile, an employee in a Palestinian Civil Organization was arrested under Security claims, the Organization was closed and listed as a terrorist organization. Consequently, many funders boycotted the organization and cut their funds.
  • In Year 2021, Israeli illegal colonists were attempting to overrule the Israeli government – This situation resulted in electing a new administration more racist and with policies that stole more Palestinian lands, destroyed more Palestinian homes, and assaulted more Palestinian people to forcedly drive them out of their lands, and replace them with Jewish immigrants. Correspondingly, during the year 2021, 950 houses and facilities were demolished, 24,750 dunums of lands were confiscates, and 17,740 trees were cut, for the reason of expanding 55 colonies, setting up 15 new outposts, releasing 102 colonial schemes, and opening 25 new bypass roads, that change the indigenous features of the land.
  • Not only did Israel allocate a budget of 3 million dollars to give Jerusalem a more Jewish- Israeli image, but it recruited rabbis to give religious instructions that encourages killing Palestinians and stealing their properties, and claim that this is a way to get closer to the god. While the “free world” looks for any word in the Palestinian discourse that encourages self-defense against Israelis to label them as terrorists.

What Should Palestinians do? Enough is Enough

Land Research Center

Jerusalem – Palestine

Dec 29th 2021

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